Deep-sea fishery workers

Deep-sea fishery workers, as skippers or members of fishing vessel crews, catch deep-sea fish, for sale or delivery to wholesale buyers, marketing organizations or at markets.


  • (a) preparing and repairing nets and other fishing gear and equipment
  • (b) commanding fishing vessels to from and at deep-sea fishing grounds
  • (c) determining areas for fishing, plotting courses and computing navigational positions using compass, charts, tables and other aids
  • (d) steering vessels and operating electronic fishing aids
  • (e) directing fishing operations and supervising crew activities
  • (f) recording fishing progress, activities, weather and sea conditions on ship's log
  • (g) baiting, setting and hauling in fishing gear
  • (h) cleaning, freezing, icing or salting catch on- or offshore
  • (i) selecting and training vessel crews

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